The outbreak of Corona virus (COVID-19) and the subsequent government guidelines have made it necessary for Funkidz klub limited to review its operation and adopt this new protocol known as COVI9-19 PROTOCOL.

This Protocol is designed to prevent the possibly spread of Covid-19 in our premises and assist in contact tracing when necessary.

A summary of the protocol includes:

1. Training: Covid-19 information and awareness training for all staff

2. Notices: Covid-19 posters and signs are placed on entrances, toilets, walls and floor informing customer of the guidelines (e.g. Social distancing, hand watching/sanitising, cough/sneezing etiquette)

3. Screen protection: Perplex screen shield install on our registration desk and cash register counters

4. Hand sanitising: Everyone entering our premises are required to sanitise their hands before being allowed in

5. Mask/face covering: Everyone entering our premises are required to have face covering or mask on

6. Enhanced cleaning & sanitising: In addition to our strict cleaning regime, we have included cleaning and sanitising of our play equipment and toilets after each play slot (15 mins between each slot)

7. Contact tracing measure: Introduction of time slots for walk in play, ensuring no mixing of people on the different time slots, and collecting phone number of the responsible adult in the group

8. Number control/monitoring: With the introduction of booking system the number of people on our premises are monitored and controlled, so that we will not exceed the number of people allowed and not exceeding maximum 105 mins stay in our premises

9. Staff face covering and temperature monitoring: Staff temperature checked daily on arrival to work and staff are required to wear mask or face covering when attending to customer on the seating floor area

10. Electronic customers registration/contactless payment: Electronic customer registration with an iPad (which is wiped down with sanitising wipe after each use) is in place to eliminate paper and pen handling. Contactless payment is also advised in order to reduce handling of cash

11. Sanitising station: A sanitising station is setup for customers that may wish to sanitise their hands or seat again while already in the premises

*This protocol will be reviewed regularly as the need arises or as further guidelines from the government are released


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