For a safe, engaging, and fun indoor play area in the heart of Clare, why not visit our kids’ play centre today?

Kids’ Play Centre

If you’re looking for a safe and fun place for your kids to play while you sit back and relax, why not pay a visit to FunKidz Klub today? Here at FunKidz Klub, we provide exciting and engaging play equipment to suit kids aged 3-10, promoting active play and socialisation in a safe and familiar environment. Active play is vital for children’s development, helping to promote movement, social skills, and imagination for kids of all ages. By allowing children to play freely, you encourage your kids to build friendships, boost their communication skills and develop problem-solving skills amidst so many more. Our indoor play area is a maze of exciting equipment for children to engage with, including interactive play equipment, fun adventure areas, and quiet hide-outs for privacy and chill-out time.

Looking for a high-quality indoor soft play area for your children to play in? Visit FunKidz Klub today

Our Indoor Soft Play Area Has a Range of Equipment, Including:

Our Indoor Soft Play Area Has a Range of Equipment, Including:

  • Three Level Adventure Frame

  • Three Lane Wavy Slide

  • Tube Slide

  • Stationary cars (e.g.Taz car) ride

  • Wobbly Bridge

  • Football Area

  • Basketball Area

  • Flexi Mirror

  • Obstacle Course

  • Aerial Runway

  • Climbing Frame

  • See-Saw

Kids’ Play Centre FAQ

  • What facilities do you have in your kids’ play centre?

    Our kids’ play centre is split into three adventure levels and includes a range of fun and interactive play equipment including a three-lane wavy slide, tube slide, roller racer stadium, obstacle course, aerial runway, climbing frames, and more.

  • What age is the kids’ indoor play area suitable for?

    Our kids’ play area is suitable for children aged 3-10 years old. We also have play facilities for babies and toddlers which is kept separate from the main kids’ play area for safety and suitability reasons.

  • Can I drop my child off at the play centre?

    All children must be supervised when visiting FunKidz Klub. We have a café on site for parents to relax in while their child is playing in the centre, with hot drinks, refreshments, food, and free Wi-Fi available.

  • Is your play centre safe?

    Yes, here at FunKidz Klub safety is our number one priority. Our indoor play area is a soft play area, meaning that it’s completely padded to reduce the risk of injury should children fall. We also completely disinfect our children’s play area regularly to stop the spread of germs and bacteria.