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Birthday Parties

If you’re looking for a fun birthday party venue to give your little one an incredible birthday party that they’ll always remember, look no further than FunKidz Klub. Our children’s play centre is the perfect place to celebrate a birthday party, with a range of flexible packages available to suit all group sizes. Here at FunKidz Klub, a member of our team will work as your host throughout the entire party, ensuring that you and your party feel happy and comfortable for the duration of your visit. Following a time of play in our indoor kids’ play area, we will serve you up some delicious finger-food and light refreshments to re-fuel your little ones. We have party packages available to suit all groups including, private party rooms, and more. Making your child’s big day special is at the heart of everything we do here, with our experienced team working closely with you and your group to ensure that everyone involved has a great time at the party.

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Kids’ Birthday Party Packages Include:

Kids’ Birthday Party Packages Include:

  • Assigned Host on Arrival

  • Time Playing in Our Indoor Play Area

  • Private Party Room

  • Hot Food & Drinks Available

  • Ice cream Available on Request

  • Party Bags Available on Request

  • Competitively Priced Packages

Birthday Party Packages

Birthday Party (Funkiz Best 1 & 2) minimum of 10 kids per group. We have two private party rooms. All parties are of two hours in duration which consists of: 50 mins play, 40 mins eating and 30 mins play. 


Rent a Private room: Minimun of 10 kids per group. We provided you with a private room to be used for 40 mins for eating ONLY, you bring EVERYTHING your child needs for the party. The party is two hours duration. (50 mins play, 40 mins eating and 30 mins play) Please call our office on 0656621626 (during office hours, 10am t0 6pm) for inquiry and booking for Rent a Private Room

Party Package

Menu Options

Funkidz Best 1: Pizza & Chips with non-fizzy drinks for all children

Funkidz Best 2: Sausages, Chicken goujons & chips with non-fizzy drinks for all children

*Both packages served with ice cream, on request. 


*All kids (for Funkidz best 1 & 2) receive a goody bag of crisps and sweets before leaving and the birthday boy or girl gets a return play voucher


*Food platter (€25 each) available for adult guests on request

Party Package Pricing

Funkidz Best 1 & 2: Wed - Fri: €15 per child. Weekends & Bank Holidays: €17 per child.


Rent a Private room: Wed - Friday €13 per child. Weekend & Bank Holidays: €15 per child (Please call our office on 0656821626 (during office hours, 10am to 6pm) for inquiry and booking for Rent a Private room.

  • Non-refundable deposit of €50 required to book & secure all party slot.
  • 15% discount available for birthday child with special needs
  • 6 adults free permitted per party group, additional adults allowed at €2 per adult up to a maximum of 10 additional adults. If more additional adults are required, please contact the office on 0656821626 or Whatsapp 0894474974

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Kids Party Venue FAQs

  • Where can I find a kids party venue near me?

    FunKidz Klub is a Clare kids’ party venue based in Ennis. We offer competitive birthday party packages for children aged 1 -11.

  • What food do you serve at kids parties?

    Here at FunKidz Klub, we serve finger food and light refreshments at all of our kids’ parties including chicken nuggets, sausages, chips, goujons, and more.

  • How many people can I invite to my kids’ birthday party?

    Here at FunKidz Klub, we offer flexible party packages to parents that suit a range of different group sizes. Get in touch with our team today to discuss party size options and what we can do to accommodate this for you.

  • How much does it cost to have a kids birthday party at FunKidz Klub?

    The price of having a kids’ birthday party at FunKidz Klub varies greatly depending on the package you opt for. Get in touch with the team at FunKidz Klub today for pricing on our birthday party packages.